Thursday, May 10, 2007

Minnie Marathon weekend completed!

I did it! I got back from Disney World yesterday, and I'm happy to say I successfully completed the Minnie Marathon weekend. I was a little worried initially because it was pretty humid down in Florida, something I'm definitely not used to.

I ran the Go Red for Women 5K on Saturday, that wound through Downtown Disney and along the golf course nearby. I finished in 35:23 (11:23/mi). I tried to not run too fast to leave something for the 15K on Sunday. The 15K the next day was great!! Although the first 5.5 miles or so were all on the highways I still enjoyed it. There wasn't a ton of crowd support, but it was a blast chatting with folks nearby, or seeing some of the cool costumes people were running in. Once we hit MGM it was great. We got to run through the tunnel at the costuming department and we could see a few ladies sewing away, already hard at work early on a Sunday morning. From there we ran along the Boardwalk which was fairly quiet at that time. Finally we entered Epcot through a backstage entrance right by the UK pavilion and it was time to run along the World Showcase, down to Spaceship Earth and into the finish line at the parking lot. My mom was at the finish line holding up a sign for me and cheering me on. I still had a bit left in my legs to kick it in for a sprint across the finish line....which unfortunately may make for some not so pretty official finish photographs! I blasted through the 15K in 1:45:06 for an 11:17/mi pace. Given the humidity I was so happy to still run at a pace that was faster than my long training runs.

The rest of the vacation was a lot of fun, but my legs are still tired from all the running, walking around the parks, and standing in lines for rides. I let my scheduled Tuesday run slide, and I'll be taking today off too. Hopefully my legs will have freshened up in time for a long run on Sunday of 5 miles.

More details later, but I wanted to post how I did!


steve said...

Congrats on completing the Mini and your goal. Isn't it great to have fans like your mom hanging out somewhere on the course?!

Sound like the full and half will be about the same thing you experienced in the Mini: pretty long stretches on the back roads with minimal crowd support. BUT, having the Costumed Characters out there, and running through the parks makes it a fairly nice run. Not AS "magical" as the name Disney might have you imagine, but memorable at times.

Walking around the parks was probably as tiring as the Mini. I know when I ran the Full there a few years ago, we went park hopping the next few days, but there was no real "hopping" going on.

BE PROUD OF YOUR ACHIEVEMENT and get ready to move on to your next goal.....Did you celebrate with a Swiss Chalet,Quarter Chicken White?


Runner Gal Leana said...

Thanks Steve! I definitely do feel proud. I've been showing my medals off to my coworkers all day. Swiss Chalet is definitely a Canadian thing. It is a restaurant that serves rotisserie chicken, but they have great fries and this mysterious Chalet sauce for dunking chicken in. Yummy..!!

teacherwoman said...

Sounds like you had a fun trip! Nice job and nice blog!