Wednesday, June 27, 2007

5 sunny miles, and a volunteer position

Last night I got out for my 5 miler at Shouldice. It was nice and sunny out, a little bit warm, but overall not too bad. The run felt really good, and I was surprised at how speedy my final miles were. Tomorrow I think I'm going to hit the hills again. Tonight I am procrastinating on some weight lifting, but hopefully I'll get to that soon!

I decided to volunteer for the HBC Run for Canada on Canada Day this Sunday. I walked this one with three friends last year at their event in Vancouver. (It was a walk instead of a run since I found out just a few days earlier that I had developed a stress fracture in my right ankle....oops.) I really enjoyed the event and would have loved to participate again this year, but with a 10 miler planned for the weekend, and my half marathon next weekend I wasn't sure that this was the best time to go all out and do a 10K, plus tack on the extra mileage. And I'm sure I would go all out, regardless! So instead I volunteered, because I have certainly appreciated the volunteers on all of my races, and I thought it would be great to give that energy back. I'll be working one of the water stops. And check out the volunteer shirts we get....pretty neat, eh? I figure it is a great way to kick off Canada Day.

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lisa Sabin said...

Hi Runner Gal Leana,

I noticed that you are running the Ryka Girl 10K in Seattle in September.

I ran the 5K last year. Great Race!