Friday, July 20, 2007

BBC #4

Boot camp last night...what a blast. Have I told you guys how happy I am that I signed up for this class? The sad part is, class finishes at the end of August, and I won't be able to sign up for a fall session thanks to the crazy turn in my schedule to ramp up training for Goofy. I'm trying to keep track of the workouts we do so that I can remember some of the exercises to do on my own. Last night we ran through another circuit: side to side lunges with bicep curls, burpees with a medicine ball, side planks, shuffling from tree to tree, tricep extensions balanced on one leg, step ups, this nifty little move called the grasshopper, and jumping jacks. We did each exercise for 45 sec, rested for 15 sec, then repeat for 45 sec and move to the next station. We ran through the circuit once, hit a hill for a little bit of hill training (holy smokes am I getting to those hills, or what..??), then ran back and went through the circuit again. I've worked pretty hard all week (well, with the exception of Monday which was sort of a rest day) so I'm going to reward myself with a night off, a trip to my favorite brew pub and a nice, cool pint of their Hefeweizen. Then I'll attempt to get up early tomorrow morning and crank out 8 miles before heading to Costco in time to pick up the latest (and final) Harry Potter book. Happy Friday..!


Amanda said...

Too funny, I was reading your post thinking gosh boot camp sounds likea really good idea.. I can run but beyond that I'm not in such good shape! Like riding a bike, horribly painful!

Laurel said...

A lot of my friends at work did a boot camp last year, and they loved it. They all looked AMAZING when they were done too! I was thinking about signing up this year.