Monday, July 30, 2007

Check it out - I rock!

I have been tagged by the lovely Marathon Maritza as a rockin' girl blogger. Thanks Maritza! She's training for NYC and she just finished the Napa-to-Sonoma Half Marathon. A race where you get a wine glass at the end and a chance to taste....when can I sign up for next year? I have to tag 5 other ladies, so even though some of you may have been nominated already, I think you gals rock too!

1. Leah is training to complete her first marathon before she hits her milestone 30th birthday. She'll be running Disney as well. Go Leah!

2. Jessica is training for the Ironman Canada - holy smokes! Plus she has great taste in running clothes, and I think she'll like the colour of the Rockin' Girl Blogger logo. Way to go Jessica.

3. runnergrrrl finished the Flying Pig Marathon, her first, went to London and kept up her training (and got me thinking about running the Flora London Marathon in 2009), and is now getting ready to run another full in Chicago this year.

4. Amanda is a running fiend, plus she's running the Nike Women's Half in San Francisco as well. She's inspirational and insightful, so she deserves a nod even though she's been tagged already.

5. Dawn has also been tagged already, but this woman is amazing! She streaked for 22 days in a row with her running, just ran the Rock N Roll Marathon in San Diego, plus she volunteered and helped organize a great Calgary Marathon weekend.


Amanda said...

I have loved finding so many great blogs about running lately. It's really motivating and good to know I"m not as crazy as I think.

We'll have to figure out our bib numbers when SF is closer, so I'll recognize you as you blow by.

Dawn - Pink Chick said...

Thanks Leana. I took a bit of a break from my streak and now I need to get back out there. Need a race to motivate