Monday, July 9, 2007

Cowboy Up

First off, on a post race related note I'm feeling really good today. Not too much in the way of residual muscle soreness. It must have been that exhilarating ice bath I treated myself to yesterday post race. I'm planning to take the week off from running, but hope to fit in a couple of yoga sessions. Also, boot camp starts up on Thursday.
The city is full on into the swing of the Calgary Stampede, the world's largest outdoor rodeo. This is my first Stampede since moving to the big city. Buildings around town have been decorated to look a little western, and everyone in town has discovered their inner cowboy and is walking around work in jeans, western shirts, cowboy hats and boots. Everyone except me. Apparently I didn't get the memo on this tradition. Tomorrow I will have to do my best to pull together what is likely to be an exceedingly citified version of a cowgirl. I do have a pair of cowboy boots (and they came from Aldo, so they aren't real cowboy boots), but I shall do my best to cowboy up.
One of the great events during Stampede are all of the Stampede breakfasts you can attend, and the one I went to this morning was a doozy. The food was amazing - flapjacks, cheese omelets, hash browns, two different kinds of sausages, and coffee with, ahem, "creamer." Yummy. And we each got a bag of "fish bait n flapjack mix" to take home with us.

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