Monday, July 16, 2007

Weekend Roundup

Talk about an action packed weekend!
Saturday morning I had BBC class #2. We met at Baker Park which was a great discovery for me. It is really close to where I live, but I didn't realize that it exists. It is a beautiful park, and I have now found a new place to add to my running route list, plus it seems like a great place to take the dogs for a walk. Anyhow....Saturday morning was a make up session since I missed the first class to attend the nutrition night. Only three of us showed up, but Instructor S worked us hard. Lots of push ups, steps up, tricep dips and lunges of all assortment. I certainly felt that yesterday!
Saturday afternoon was my first foray to the Stampede grounds. It was my first shot to try deep fried cheesecake (only at the fair, eh? you can deep fry anything...). As if cheesecake wasn't bad enough for you already, but then they deep fry it....and throw chocolate sauce on it as well... We caught the Iams Superdogs show, we all then found cowboy hats to buy and called it a night.
Sunday morning I met some friends visiting town for a quick run - my first since the half. Wow, they were fast! We ran the pathway downtown for a bit, then opted to climb the Memorial stairs. Whew...that was when I noticed that those lunges at BBC on Saturday really worked! In the afternoon it was back to Stampede for some mini donuts and the Tragically Hip concert - a true Canadian super group. It was a terrific show with a fairly good blend of their old songs and their new stuff. Thank goodness Stampede is over now though - I'm looking forward to staying away from the pancakes and getting back on track with eating properly!

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