Tuesday, August 7, 2007

A busy Heritage Day long weekend

TNT Coach Ken asked me what Heritage Day was... Coach Ken, I'm not sure. I think it is mostly a good excuse for a civic holiday (kind of like Family Day in February).
Sunday yoga was a bust since the studio was closed, and then I was so busy running errands that I didn't have a chance to get any cross training in before a movie-palooza Sunday night. I went to see the Bourne Ultimatum and Harry Potter which made for a very late night. I was going to allow myself to sleep in on my day off, however my dog Maggie had other ideas. Maggie is a morning dog, and come 6:00 am she's ready to be up and around, so you'd better listen to her. Unfortunately getting up early and getting out the door early are two entirely different things, so it was pretty warm by the time I arrived at Baker Park. I had 5 miles on tap for the day and I was feeling strong. One thing the running group I was with on Saturday did was run longer intervals - 10:1, where as I've been running 4:1. When I'm racing I really don't stick to the whole 4:1 plan, so I opted to try a 9:1 interval instead. It takes less math skills than 10:1 so that sounded like a better idea to me. A mile into the run I hit a big hill that has been pretty challenging on previous runs. This time I hit the hill strong and ran the entire way up, and continued running once I reached the top - no need for a walk break. I was feeling great. When I hit 2.5 miles I decided to keep going and went for 6 miles for the day. All in all, a terrific run. I kind of like the 9:1 interval thing too. I may try that out on long runs.
In the afternoon I celebrated Heritage Day down at Prince's Island Park where they were having a multicultural festival going on with musicians and dancers of all different heritages and a few food kiosks as well. In the evening was the final event in movie-palooza - a showing of A Mighty Heart. All in all it was a good weekend. I was able to get outside and enjoy the sunshine, plus I was able to catch up on movies as well. Tonight is BBC, and I've heard rumours that it is a core heavy workout this evening.


Amanda said...

Wait you had a holiday, like a paid day off work... I am so jealous right now. Plus you saw Borne Ultimatium which I am dying to see... what a very nice day!!

By the way Nutritionathon is calling your name.

teacherwoman said...

Ooh, 2 movies in one day! How sweet is that!