Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Waiting for the other shoe to drop - miles and BBC #13

Yesterday I got so caught up in work that I lost track of time and left the office later than I intended to. I rushed home, fed the fur balls and changed, and rushed out the door, but I still wasn't leaving myself much time to get a run in before BBC. I hoped for 5 miles, but it was looking like 4 or 4.5 would be more likely. I started out running and looked down at the Garmin....I was flying. I knew I was starting out too fast but I wanted to see where this would go. The first mile was amazing, but in mile 2 things started to hurt a bit and I slowed down a touch. I'm hitting the end of the line with these running shoes and I'm going to have to take them out of rotation soon - that's where I figure some of the hurting was coming from - although things went back to feeling good in mile 3. I wound up reaching my car at 4.82 mi...I looked down at my watch and I still had a few minutes before BBC so I finished out the 5 miles, and knocked 1:00/mi off my regular pace. Time to boot it to BBC.
I arrived with just a couple of minutes to spare. Instructor S wanted us to run a big circle around the park that we would be working out in at a nice easy jog or speed walk. I flew around the park and S started to give me a hard time for going out too fast, but I explained that I had already warmed up. We wound up doing a crazy, complicated circuit in the shape of a flower...which I won't bother to explain. We wound up doing the following exercises: jumping lunges, high knees, side to side jumps, front planks on a Bosu ball, skating side to side, one arm row with a weighted bar, with the forward leg balancing on a kind of mini-Bosu ball, curtsey squats, ab twists with a medicine ball, grade 7 dance, a sort of reverse burpee with a Bosu ball and tosses with a medicine ball. We went around the circuit twice and did some sprints, horse and buggy work, and some ab work to finish out the night. After the run I wasn't sure how BBC would feel, but I really pushed myself hard. Which means that I'm now scared about speed work tonight. After a couple of great runs (not really including last week's speed work in that list) I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop. That could very well happen tonight as here is the plan:
- 10 min warm up
- 3 x 1 km repeat at speed pace
- 2 min rest between each km
- 10 min cool down
Wish me luck.


TNTcoach Ken said...

Okay Wonder Woman, you are kicking some a$$! You're making me feel like a slacker, great job.

Leah said...

I was so proud of my 3.2 (10:15) pace on the treadmill. Then I read this...

I keed, I keed. You are kicking some hiney!