Tuesday, September 25, 2007

How to fit it all in?

This week is going to be an exercise in time management....something I've been lacking over the last couple of weeks. Or maybe just spectacular planning. Last night was circuit day at Fit Ball and Instructor S really worked us hard! At one point during a rest break you could hear the entire room panting and breathing heavy, trying to get the heart rate down before starting up again. A few of us went for a quick 20 min jog after class for a final cardio kick.
Tonight I'm off to see the Calgary Flames take on the San Jose Sharks with N in preseason action. Our social club at work has 7 pairs of season tickets, and you could put your name into a draw for the chance to purchase a pair of preseason seats. My name was pulled yesterday, so tonight it is chicken fingers, fries, a beer and big, burly men on ice for this gal. I can't wait... With the puck dropping at 7 pm I'm going to have to squeeze a run in over lunch. The goal is 4.5 mi or so. I won't be making it out to meet the Roadrunners...again... One day Karen, I promise...but hockey takes precedence!
Tomorrow night is yoga again, plus I'm thinking about trying to get midweek run #2 in over lunch as well. That way I can take Thursday as a rest day or go to Stretch and Strengthen yoga... Friday will be 6 miles over lunch (which is a bit long for a lunch time run), then a massage in the evening. Saturday will be 12 miles with the group. I'm juggling my schedule partially so that I can get that 12 mile run in with the group as I know I'd appreciate some company on the long run. I have to put all this down in print so that it helps me commit to getting it done this week. I slacked off a bit last week by only getting two runs in for a grand total of 11 miles. That includes Saturday's race by the way. I think craziness at work caught up with me though, and I definitely needed the break, but this week I am back on the bandwagon.


Amanda said...

seriously, people used to call me jane fonda because I like to workout, but you've got me beat. Cross training galore!

No Wetsuit Girl... overseas! said...

Only Canadians could sit in a giant freezer in the dead of winter to watch a game! Hockey's great, but I need to watch it on TV!

Sounds like a crazy week, but I'm so jealous! I wish I had so many things to do, especially if they were all training like you! Right now I have to sit on my butt and look for a job before I can get a membership to spend all my free time in a gym :(.

TNTcoach Ken said...

Wow, that sounds like a great workout dinner! We have people trying to get rid of Red Wings tickets, which was unheard of when they were winning.

Runner Gal Leana said...

Amanda - you are the running every day queen, I don't think I could beat you!

Claire - you're right, it is freezing in the arena. Hockey used to be crazy popular in south Texas, but I figure that was because it was a good escape from the continuous 90 - 100 F temperatures outside. I can't even begin to imagine how much it cost to keep that ice frozen in the arena. Are you back in the US now? Good luck job hunting.

Coach Ken - People trying to get rid of Red Wings tickets..?? What?? Hope your knee is feeling better.