Thursday, September 20, 2007

Something totally uncharacteristic for Runner Gal

Last night was Discover Yoga class, and it was fabulous. I really like this whole yoga thing, and you know, if you do it properly it is actually an amazing workout. My arms and shoulders were sore after last week's class...
I think I may do something rash on Saturday at my race. I'm not trying for a PR and I would like to go out and run, and not look at my watch every 30 seconds. I have joked around about being tied to my Garmin, and it is true... So I think on Saturday I will run sans Garmin or watch of any kind and will just enjoy the scenery (and I'll smile at the cameras). This is a big step for me...a big step. A few of the ladies from the San Francisco running group will be participating in the race as well, so it will be great to meet up with them and cheer everyone on.
On a non-running related note, today is a sad day for me. A bit of background -- when you complete your engineering degree in Canada your achievement - and your grave responsibility to society - is marked with a private ceremony where you get ringed. When you get ringed a small stainless steel band is put on the little finger of your working hand. With this ring on your little finger you always notice it whenever you write or are working - hence you are always reminded of this great responsibility. Only those getting ringed, or engineers who already have their ring can attend the ceremony, and I would say it is a pretty big deal. My ring was particularly special to me because since my Dad is an engineer he was able to give me my ring. The only time I didn't wear my ring was when I was working in the field and I feel incomplete without it. I lost it somewhere yesterday and I keep feeling my little finger and noticing the bareness and the indentation where my ring used to be. I can get a replacement ring (and I'm currently working on that), but this still makes me really sad. The ring itself might not cost that much, but I still consider it the most expensive piece of jewelry I ever owned because it represents five years of blood, sweat and tears and all of the effort that went into earning that ring. I will feel less whole until I have a new ring on my little finger.


TNTcoach Ken said...

Sorry to hear about the ring. I just hate losing stuff, let alone something that carries that much sentiment. It’s always fun to run without the weight of time and personal records, so just have fun and who knows what might happen. ‘Same day finish’ is always a good time.

Angry Runner said...

Gasp! No Garmin! O.M.G. How will you survive?!?! I would probably run off of a cliff in some frantic nervous breakdown over not knowing my pace for each mile's split. Gasp!

My condolences for your ring. May you upgrade from stainless steel to titanium or even tungsten. I hear those two metals are quite the fashion statement to make in jewelry these days. I actually have a custom made titanium ring that I don't wear much anymore, but I should.

Maybe enlist the services of Frodo and The Fellowship of the Ring to track down your precious (sorry, couldn't help myself). I do hope your ring is "lost" in a completely obvious place.

Amanda said...

Ok that really stinks! I am a sentimental person with certain items and it's very heart breaking to lose them...

OK, I am so not ready for this race to be right around the I am not the racer you are, but I'm excited!