Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Singapore and Starbucks

The morning of December 24th I headed out along Orchard Road for a run. I started at the big Starbucks cup. As I ran along I started to notice just how many Starbucks coffee shops along the way I was seeing, so I decided to photo them and count them....I hit Tanglin Mall and turned around here.
Back up Orchard Road - Starbucks #3.
While this isn't a Starbucks I didn't realize that there was still a Hard Rock Cafe in this town.
Just in case you aren't sure how this whole taxi stand queue thing works....
Interesting recycle bins, eh?
Starbucks #4.
Turnaround point #2 along Orchard Road.
Starbucks #5.
Starbucks #6.
Starbucks #7.
Starbucks #8.
Starbucks #9.
Total distance for the run - just over 4 miles - so 9 Starbucks in a 2 mile stretch along Orchard Road. These folks must really need their caffeine! I squeezed in another 4 miler today as well. Wow....the humidity here is something else so that makes these runs feel a bit tougher. Tomorrow we leave for Perth where it is crazy hot so we'll see how the running goes there. I hope everyone had a great Christmas!


Lau Min-tsek said...

hehe, I think you have not checked out McDonald's yet.

They practically have one branch in every major building.

Read somewhere that Singapore has the largest per capita McDonalds in the world. Also read that one of the branches in Orchard was the top 5 grossing branch in the world. That was a few years ago.

Dawn - Pink Chick said...

looks like a great holiday. I'm jealous. Love the recyle bins...lol.

Merry Christmas!

TNTcoach Ken said...

Where are the people? That's a lot of Starbucks! Sounds like you're having a great time and getting some nice photos.

Laurel said...


Are you sure you weren't in Seattle?

Allison said...

Man alive - that is RIDICULOUS! :)

Speed Racer said...

A starbucks on every corner, you must feel like your right at home!