Monday, March 17, 2008


Well, rocketpants didn't tag me specifically, but I wanted to play along. So here are seven random facts about me:

  1. I originally wanted to be a doctor (well, a gynecologist specifically), but when I realized that my queasy stomach probably wouldn't make it through the first week of med school I changed to engineering. I had already mailed in my university application when I came to this realization.
  2. One night at a bar in Vancouver some arrogant guys showed up all dressed in suits. One guy who seemed cute came over and started dancing near us, but then I realized he was imitating my dance moves to make fun of me. He wound up dancing off and hitting on some other girls, but I later found out that this guy was Chris Pronger.
  3. My brother is very fond of making up nicknames for boyfriends (although sometimes one date is enough to warrant a nickname). In high school I dated Chicken Little (because he worked at the chicken place Swiss Chalet), Little Caesar (because he worked at Little Caesars), then I moved on to Peg Leg Ray (long story) and Porn-Shoer (because he had a pornstache and we talked about going snow shoeing). Neil's nickname was No Car Nick - because he doesn't have a car and Dave couldn't remember that his name was Neil.
  4. I just paid $63 for underground bike parking at work for the entire year. Not a bad deal when you think that a month's transit pass is $75 or daily parking by my office is $17. Except right now I don't have a bike to ride to work. Here's hoping I follow through with the purchase and the intent to commute.
  5. Knock on wood, I have never broken any bones unless you count a fracture to my nose and the stress fracture in my ankle. When I was about 7 I fainted in my bedroom and I hit my bedside table as I fell which resulted in a hairline fracture to my nose.
  6. I love shoes. The closet in my spare bedroom is like an homage to Aldo with all kinds of variations on pointy toes, rounded toes, stilettos, flats, black, brown and all kinds of different colours. That's right, I have so many shoes that they have to go in the spare room closet because I don't have room for them in my own closet. Except I tend to wear the same two or three pairs of shoes on a regular basis because I'm too afraid that I'll hurt myself fancy wearing heals. See random fact #7. I am currently working to overcome this though.
  7. When I was living in San Antonio one day I was wearing a great pair of brown pointy toed shoes to work with a camel coloured pants with cuffs. After work I stopped by Whole Foods to pick up some groceries. While walking through the parking lot my heel caught on the cuff of my pants and the groceries flew out of my hands and I wound up on all fours in the parking lot. What's even better is that a security guy was driving by in a golf cart and he only stopped to look at me (and probably laugh as well), but he didn't ask if I was okay. Luckily the pants and shoes escaped with only minor damage. I wish I could say that this was the only time something like this happened.

Feel free to play along if you wish!


Sonia said...

I love shoes too!!

My brother loves to give nicknames to my BFs too, the most memorable one being puke-face..... :S

rocketpants said...

Thanks for playing!! I had considered becoming a doctor for a long time, but I found biology boring as an undergrad. But hey...i still became a 'doctor' anyway ;-) I just can't help anyone get better.

Danielle said...

You have good reason to be careful about the shoes!!

Speed Racer said...

See? That's why I only ever wear running shoes.

Now I want to see your dance moves even more. That Chris Pronger guy sounds like a jerk. I'm glad he has a stupid name and has to show up on TV with that stupid name all over his shirt. Jerk.