Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Monday and Tuesday Updates

After my coworker threatened to haul me off to the doctor herself I got checked up again last night. The verdict? Still bronchitis! I got another round of antibiotics and an inhaler this time as well. My brother has asthma and used to have the same inhaler as a kid. I remember looking at it and wondering what this inhaler thing felt like. Lucky me, now I know...! With no stern words of "you must rest" from the doctor I high tailed it off to Fit Ball last night. At class I discovered that I have zero push up talent, plus we really worked our glutes, hamstrings and abs. I went home and gathered all of my gear together so I could bike part of the way into work, then called it a night.
I woke up bright eyed and bushy tailed at 4:15 am....way too early! I'm not sure if I was nervous about the ride or if it was something else but there was no getting back to sleep for me. I was on the road and parked at Edworthy at 6:15 am where I met up with Neil to bike in. As soon as I got on the bike I realized my "saddle" was still sore from testing out the saddle on Sunday. I'm not really a speedy biker but I did make it to work in one piece, and after fiddling with my lock in the parking garage for awhile I was still in the office before 7 am. The total distance in was 4.44 miles. I hit the pathway over lunch to run 3.24 miles. I didn't want to push too hard since my legs still need to bike home, but I somehow managed an average of 10:15/mi with a fairly conservative effort. Boy...if this is how I run while I'm sick, wait till I'm better!
*I should note, if I actually felt crappy while I was running and working out, I would rest, but otherwise I'm feeling pretty good right now. Just don't listen to my chest with a stethoscope...*


TNTcoach Ken said...

Okay Supergirl, don’t get too carried away, you’re still sick! That’s awful early to wake and ride a bike, you obviously need less beauty rest than me.

Scott said...

I'm envious of your ability to commute to work on a bike! Not possible for me, with a 35 mile Interstate commute. Anyway, be careful with the sickness still lingering, you don't want to make it worse or prolong it :)

Sonia said...

This sucks!! But geez listen to the Doc this time and take a BREAK! What did he/she think of the bike commute with bronchitis?! ;-)

Danielle said...

Great job on the bike ride and run. I know the feeling of the sore saddle!! I had that through Tuesday from a ride last Saturday!!

Hope you're better soon.