Thursday, April 17, 2008

Raring to Go

Yesterday I got a 4 mi run in around my neighborhood in the afternoon. This run was noteworthy because I actually ran outside in shorts! The run was...ugh...kinda. The first mile was fine - probably because it was all downhill. Once I hit mile two my legs were complaining. They didn't want to run and my left shin was bugging me. Once I hit mile three I had a big uphill to tackle and that put me back on track as the hill felt pretty good. The last mile was uneventful. I haven't biked this week, partly due to time constraints and partly because I want to rest my legs a bit.
Anyhow...I'm off to Vancouver this afternoon and I can't wait! The weather in Calgary is supposed to be yucky this weekend - full of snow and cold weather. It is actually supposed to be sunny in Vancouver so it looks like I picked a good time to head out of town. I think I am well prepared for the trip:
  • Race outfit picked out and packed
  • Dining reservations done
  • 4 mi run for Friday mapped out
  • Plans with friends made

I am looking forward to eating copious amounts of seafood and indulging in some of Granville Island Brewing's best. And running, yes...I am looking forward to running!


Morgan said...

Safe travels and good luck with the race!!!

audgepodge said...

Good luck on your 10K! Sounds like it will be a massive, fun event!

Danielle said...

Sounds like a great weekend!

Holly said...

I just stumbled across your blog...I think your PR times are very close to my own! Best of luck with your run this weekend - at least you will be away from all of the snow in Calgary.

Speed Racer said...

Good luck today! And don't forget to fill us in on the food. It wouldn't be a Leana race report without a full report on dinner, complete with pictures.

Have a great trip!