Friday, May 16, 2008

BBC - Spring Session - Class #8

Last night I kind of hummed and hawed for a few minutes on whether I should round out my midweek mileage as planned and get the remaining 2.25 mi in. I decided to go for it and I took the short run at a fairly good, recovery type pace. I didn't want to push too hard! Boot camp was supposed to be a night of plyometrics, but I guess there was a change in plans. Instead we ran through a total body circuit (abs, push ups, triceps, biceps, planks, shoulder presses, hamstring work), then followed it up with speed intervals. Intervals? Guess I didn't need that pre-boot camp run after all! I got a bonus 1.99 miles in. (Yes, I did wear my Garmin during the workout... I am a bit obsessive on knowing my numbers!)
Speaking of my Garmin, I had a minor freak out this morning when my Garmin wouldn't power up after charging all night long. It turns out that your unit can lock up during charging. Thanks to the FAQ section on Garmin's website I found out that holding down the "mode" and "reset" buttons simultaneously for 10 seconds, then releasing and powering on is all you need. Phew! As much as I love the look of the new Forerunner 405 I'm not itching to drop the cash on it just yet.


holowahini said...

I think the Garmin bug has gotten me. I am thinking about one with a heart rate monitor, but I need to come up with the cash. The Princess 1/2 Marathon rego wiped me out... but I did get my darling new champion chip today!

rocketpants said...

I am currently awaiting the arrival of the Garmin 305...very excited. I got a crazy good deal on it.