Friday, June 13, 2008

Minor Freak Out: Resolved

I have to thank you guys for some terrific advice yesterday - you have all made great points. Rocketpants - you are right - I am already doing most of my plan already, I just need to add in some swim sessions. And I do need to prioritize. When I signed up for Quebec it was because I wanted a chance to run a marathon well. Not run a half the day before, then run the first half of the full and walk the second. Doing well in Quebec is important to me. I added the tri in for some variety. I think a lot of us sometimes have those "holy crap" moments in the middle of training and yesterday was mine. I don't want to get burned out, but right now I'm still loving everything that I do, and the workouts are not feeling like a chore. Good sign! I told Neil yesterday that I thought I either needed a pep talk or a kick in the pants and he thought I needed both. So big thanks to everyone who has done that for me - either personally or via comments on the blog.
Last night was the final workout of the spring session of Bikini Boot Camp. Thank goodness the weather gods were smiling on us for once this session because it was nice and sunny out. It was a nice change from some of the torrential downpour we've been working out in lately. Sheena's theme was "burn baby, burn" and she certainly delivered. She put together a wicked circuit for us. After one run through we went over to some nearby trees planted in a slalom configuration that we had to sprint through and around. After that we played horse and chariot where the front person - the horse - has tubing around their waist, the back person - the chariot - holds on to the tubing to provide resistance. The aim of the game is for the horse to sprint against the tubing to the other end of the field. Holy smokes... Repeat the slalom and horse and chariot another two times. Then back to the circuit. Then over to a nearby monster hill for some pyramid hill repeats. Sheena saved her best and hardest workout for last... I now have three weeks off until my summer session starts up and this time it will be with a new instructor...
And on a final note...I have a half marathon this weekend! This half hasn't gotten a ton of discussion time, probably because it is in the middle of marathon training. Do I have a goal? Er...well...not really...but kind of. Ideally I'd love to beat my Calgary half time of 2:21:32 and if I don't I will probably we disappointed. I'd love to beat my Nike Women's half time of 2:14:56 but if I don't I'm okay with that. So...we'll see what happens!


rocketpants said...

I'm glad you got your answers. Sometimes we all have freakouts...I think the best thing to do is realize what is your A race and if you start to feel burned out, cut stuff so that you are still supporting your A races.

Good luck this weekend.

RoadBunner said...

Have fun in the half!

teacherwoman said...

Oh yes, we have all had those "holy crap" freakout moments during training. You are not the only one. Good luck this weekend.

Sonia said...

Good luck on the half tomorrow! Kick that old PB away! You can do it!

It'll be great to meet you in Qc! I wish I was healthy and in shape to run a marathon as I would love to do that one too. You can tell me all about the course after tough!