Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Pray to the weather gods

Sunday I went out for a cut back long run. It was supposed to be 7 miles, then I talked myself into 6 miles instead (thanks to time constraints). A mile in I decided to run up the switchbacks from Bowness Park up to Stoney Trail. My legs were exceedingly unhappy about this and they refused to get into a rhythm after this. Then my bladder started yelling at me so I decided to cut things short at 5.3 miles. Oops. Oh well. I went to hot yoga Sunday night for an extra workout and I was one hot, drippy mess. I have never produced so much sweat in my entire life. I was having difficulty holding poses because my hands and feet kept slipping. My most successful pose was Savasana where I nearly managed to fall asleep.
Monday morning the weather gods were not looking kindly on the idea that I wanted to bike into work in nice weather. I loaded the bike in the car, drove to Neil's, then got vetoed on biking due to impending rain. I realized at work that my legs were exhausted so I'm sure they appreciated having a day off. Then there was the torrential downpour I drove through on the way home. Really, not biking was probably a great idea. The weather for the rest of the week looks sketchy so there may be minimal riding this week. I'm really hoping to go camping this weekend so I'm hoping that Mother Nature gives us a break from the rain. So seriously, pray to the weather gods for me!
As for the Independence WL challenge I'm off to a rousing start. I rested yesterday, and pigged out on sausages and wine last night.


P.O.M. said...

Do you like hot yoga? I am totally into it right now. The slippery part is hard to deal with. I always use a hand towel to try to dry my hands. But my instructor said that part of it is actually building enough strength in your hands to not need a hand towel.

I swear that doing it for 2 weeks (only like 3 times a week) is what caused my recent 3 lbs loss. And it gets my head out of crazyville, if that makes sense.

holowahini said...

Don't they have those no-slip feet and hand grip thingies?

Either way, I was desperate for a cheeseburger at lunch today... but instead I got a turkey bacon club with no cheese or mayo. Eh, close enough.

Danielle said...

I still want to try hot yoga, but man not sure I could hold the poses either. I slip in regular yoga...I use a towel at the end of the mat to keep my hands from sliding.