Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A Boot Camp Comparison

Last night our boot camp class arrived at Edworthy Park and nearly got run over getting to our location by a large group of people all wearing the same cotton t-shirt, wearing Camelbaks and being followed around by a camera crew. Soldiers of Fitness were hanging out at the park, working out, and shooting a promo video. Soldiers of Fitness is probably the closest thing to an army boot camp. Most of us were a bit distracted from our workout because we kept watching what this group was doing. And we were kind of wondering if since we were working out so close if somehow some of us would wind up on the promo video. Their workouts are definitely different from Bikini Boot Camp. If you don't keep up, you get yelled at. They run around with telephone poles and metal pipes. It was pretty hard core. One girl just about got smucked in the head with the telephone pole when she wasn't paying attention to where she was running. The sounds that came out of the guys when they dropped the telephone pole - I was worried they were giving themselves a hernia. I can say that Elaine did work us pretty hard last night though, so it wasn't like we were standing around looking pretty. It was upper body day and there were gazillions of push ups, chin ups, pull ups and other various exercises that made my arms quiver by the time we were done. Everyone seemed pretty chatty today so the class flew by and I had a blast.
This morning I ran 3.25 miles through the neighborhood starting at about 5:20 am. It was so quiet, the sky was dark and it felt pretty serene out. I've been cutting out my walk breaks on my shorter runs, and my speed has improved, so things are feeling good! No biking in to work today because they have forecasted showers, but it is really looking nice outside right now. Shucks.


TNTcoach Ken said...

Lets see, Solders of Fortune versus Bikini Boot Camp. I'm sensing a reality TV show.

Holly said...

Oh my goodness, welcome to my life! I see the SOF gang at least once a day, some times twice. I do not understand why a boot camp would want to make exercise "less enjoyable" for what is usually a group of people that are new to health and fitness. Though I can't deny that I love the people watching aspect ;)

Have you seen the lady that runs around in Edworthy wearing bra tops with her golden lab off leash? She runs over picnic tables (often when people are sitting at them) and when she dismounts she rubs her thighs and groans in a manner that is surprisingly inappropriate. It is seriously hilarious.

ShirleyPerly said...

Wow, that other group sounds hard core! Probably quite fun and motivating to see what they were doing. On the other hand, others who watch your group may think the same of what you guys are doing!