Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The Key

I have had some pretty good workouts so far this week. Here's the rundown:
Sunday: A few of use met up for a bike ride through the city. It was Calgary Marathon day, and when we were riding the bike path along Memorial the last few marathon stragglers were still on the road at 12:30. I felt so bad for those guys because you know that most of them are in a real mental low at this point in time. The ride itself was pretty good and I really powered up a couple of hills which felt terrific.
Monday: I woke up bright and early to run 3.2 mi around my neighborhood before heading to work. I think that an early morning is definitely the key to my mojo. It feels crisp and fresh outside and my legs are happy to be running. If I wait till the end of the day my legs have pooped out and things start hurting. Why they poop out I'm not sure...I sit at a computer all day... I made it into work and kicked the week off right with a delicious Stampede Breakfast. Gotta love those pancakes!
Tuesday: No early morning workout today, but it was the first class of my summer session boot camp! I have a new instructor this time round, Elaine. I'm really looking forward to working out with her and the group of women in the class. Everyone seems really motivated an we have a good mix of people. One girl is training for the Toronto Waterfront Marathon in September, another girl used to be a competitive swimmer. Elaine had us moving the whole time, alternating cardio with strength exercises. The only downside is that this class is a bit earlier. It ends at 7:15 and lane swim doesn't start until 9:00. That is a lot of waiting around between boot camp and swimming, so I'm going to start looking at going to swim early in the morning before work on my boot camp days.
Wednesday: I was up and running before 6 am today, cranking out 3.25 mi around my neighborhood. My pace was faster than on Monday and I've finished these hilly runs off on both days without taking any walk breaks. After a quick shower I was on the bike to ride in to work. I absolutely love my bike. I can't believe I hadn't ridden for so many years. I'm glad I bit the bullet and bought my new set of wheels because it is definitely worth it. I've been wanting to get shoes and pedals for awhile now, so hopefully that will happen sometime soon. I'm debating whether I should do it before my tri in August or wait till later. Will these things go on sale in the fall?
Plans for the rest of the week: I'm hoping to hit the pool early tomorrow. One pool between home and work opens for lane swim at 5:30 am. Then boot camp in the evening. I'd like to get another run in at some point, but I haven't exactly worked out when... I have 12 miles scheduled for Saturday, then some hot yoga in the afternoon. Sunday, hopefully a hike out in the mountains!


Steve Stenzel said...

Early morning runs are good for the soul!

teacherwoman said...

Your workouts look good! I love early morning runs but am struggling to get out of bed before heading to work!

Tea said...

WOW-You are CRAZY dedicated!

(and about those marathoners...didn't you just want to yell "HANG IT THERE. YOU'RE GONNA BE A MARATHONER TODAY!!")

Maddy said...

You are amazing! Way to work it all in there!

I must say, I'm impressed! Boot Camp, Biking, Running and Hot Yoga!

Girl, you rock!

Kira Gartner said...

Awesome Leana! I loved your description of your 16-miler. I think that I may bring a camera with me on one of my runs up here in Maine.

You are so inspiring!