Friday, August 29, 2008

An attempt to get back at it

Last night I skipped boot camp because the focus of the evening was lower body endurance. I didn't think I needed to test my lower body endurance ability quite yet so I got together for dinner with family one last time before my mom heads back home. This morning I thought I would head out for a nice and easy run just to see how things felt. And legs are still pretty tired so I only went for 1.5 miles. My legs were stiff and sore all of Monday and Tuesday, but things finally started to loosen up Wednesday. I have some pretty big knots in my right calf though that really need a work out, so I'll head to my chiro later this afternoon to get them worked out with some ART. Tomorrow is a massage to help some more. Like the nutter that I am, I am off to Edmonton this weekend to hang out with friends and run the St. Albert Sprint Tri on Monday. I doubt I'll be doing too much activity between now and the race so hopefully I'll be nice and rested up. With that said, I'm just racing to have fun so I won't be pushing myself too hard on the run.
I have a dilemma about the race though folks. Apparently September equals the start of fall weather around here and the forecast doesn't look too wonderful for this weekend. On Monday the forecasted low is 3 deg C (37 deg F), the high is 17 deg C (63 deg F). What are your suggestions for how to handle coming out of the pool and hopping on the bike in such cold temperatures? What should I wear? Do I wear a long sleeve tech shirt that won't be super warm, but will allow me to dry off (maybe)? Or do I throw on a long sleeve bike jersey/jacket that may not allow for much drying off?


Sonia said...

Hum... I don'T know how to deal with that but I'm thinking you'll be sweating on the run and bike so it's not necessary to do the long sleeve. But with the summer hotness, I forget how cold 17 °C is!!

Good luck this week-end, have fun!!

Angry Runner said...

Don't underestimate how much cold + wind can affect you on the bike while wet. Unless you go out hard and really warm your body up, you'll be uncomfortably cold. Perhaps towel dry yourself before the bike and wear something long can always ditch it in T2 if you're too hot.

Viv said...

I am glad things are losening up. Good luck this weekend. As far as cold weather running I don't have much. Now 100 degree that I know.

Bob Almighty said...

17C is on borderline for shortsleeves, at least for me but I'm a hairy beast. Like Angry said For the bike towel drying and wearing longsleves is a good option especially if its a frigid morning, and worst case you can always dump excess clothing but you can't put on something you don't have.

Scott said...

While I'm not able to give sound advice on your clothing dilemma...I would just like to say that YOU'RE CRAZY!! I can't believe you are doing a tri next, didn't you just do a marathon? LOL!

Keep up the great work :)

Downhillnut said...

I'd go with the jacket on the bike. It's likely easier to regulate your temperature on the bike with that than a long sleeved shirt, as you can zip it up against the wind or ventilate if you're hot. Don't worry about being wet - you'll be sweating anyway.

Of course, you know how little experience I have with tris so far :)

Have a great race and kick butt!