Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Afraid of Melting

Last night I had an easy 30 minute run on tap. It had to wait until the end of the work day, and as luck would have it, some ridiculously dark clouds rolled in on my way home. At first it looked like just a few sprinkles, but it turned slightly more monsoon-ish as I pulled into my neighborhood. I hummed and hawed... I didn't want to run outside (because I was feeling like wuss), so what could I do indoors? Should I do some strength? Finally the light bulb went off that I could use my membership to the Y for more than just the pool and that I could run on the treadmill. Gasp. Shudder... That seemed like a better option rather than waiting out the storm, so I took off to the Y. The parking lot was packed! It looks like the pool was the place to be as I think the kids had some swimming lessons going on and there were a whole bunch of parents crammed into the viewing area. Upstairs in the gym it wasn't too bad. I found an empty treadmill and set the timer to 30 minutes and speed to a 6 mph, cranked up the iPod and just went. I wore my Garmin just to monitor my heart rate, but otherwise it was a pretty uneventful run. The time went by a lot faster than I expected. I think I used to hate the treadmill so much because I couldn't run continuously on it for longer than 5 minutes. I'm not saying that I love the treadmill though! I'd still rather run outdoors, but at least I know I have options for days when I just can't drag myself out in inclement weather.


IronGambit said...

people underestimate the treadmill! I like it myself just out of plain convenience, plus it is better for your knees!

Laurel said...

Sometimes I surprise myself on the treadmill too. I think I'm going to hate it and I secretly enjoy it every now and then. It feels so much easier. Plus, I never get injured running on one. Haha...YET!

Sonia said...

I find it depends on the treadmill. The one my Dad have I really don't like but the ones they had at my old Uni's gym were perfect for me. Of course nothing beats running outside but when the weather is crummy it is nice to have another option!