Monday, September 8, 2008

Weather Related Procrastination

When my new coach tells me to make sure I'm well recovered from my marathon because she is going to really up my intensity...apparently to me that means do a whole lot of nothing Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Well...I did swim on Thursday, and if you want to count the sweat I worked up while wetsuit shopping on Saturday as crosstraining then I wasn't entirely sitting on my rear. Anyhow, I did really want to get some form of a run in on Sunday. I slept in because it is so cold here in the mornings now that I wasn't in much of a rush to get outside. (We've been getting to around 4 deg C or 39 deg F overnight). I took some time eating my breakfast and puttering around the house with laundry and what not. Then it was finally time to get geared up and outside. As soon as I stepped out of my garage some sprinkles started to fall so I turned around and went back inside. After more puttering around I noticed sunshine streaming through my blinds so I figured I'd better get out there before I changed my mind. I had no real idea of what route I was going to run or how far. My calf had been feeling tight all morning so I didn't want to push it, but it actually felt really good on the run. I just ran with no real plan and wound up running some loops through the neighborhood finishing up at the grocery store in time to pick up some items for lunch. A fairly successful run of just over 5 miles. Dark clouds were menacing the entire time I was out there so I never did get that bike ride in that I was thinking about this weekend.
I did really want to ride in to work this morning though. With the sunrise being later and later I didn't really want to leave in the dark and ride all the way from my house. I figured out a spot I could leave my car at about halfway along the route and started out from there instead. Brrr, it was absolutely frigid outside. My hands were frozen for the first little bit, although everything else was reasonably warm. By the time I made it down to the river my hands had warmed up a bit and I was glad I was out for that ride. The sky was a beautiful blue and I know I'm going to enjoy the ride back this afternoon too. As for that calf, it still feels tight. I'm hoping to get in for some ART today to help sort it out.


ShirleyPerly said...

Wow, that is cold! I hate frozen fingers. I have to wear gloves with fingers over my regular bike gloves when temps are below 70. After I've warmed up the outer gloves can usually come off, unless the temp is below 60. You are so much tougher than me.

Hope the calf loosens up!

teacherwoman said...

The temps are already dropping here as well. blech. I thought I would look forward to the 50's this fall.. I want my 70 degrees back!