Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Eating Hills for Lunch

My lunch plans for today fell through, and since it is a beautiful, sunny 10 deg C (50 deg F) out I thought I would get my high intensity hills out of the way during the day. I had 4 - 6 30 second hill intervals on the calendar. I warmed up for 10 min, then spent the next 5 min trying to get my heart rate in to zone 3 and keep it there. As I was running an uphill it happened almost immediately, so I tried a few 10 second accelerations. Then I was running downhill and no matter how fast my turnover my heart rate kept dropping. At 15 minutes it was time to start working. I was running the huge hill by the curling club, and I have to say, this hill is definitely more intense than the hill I've been running up and down in my neighborhood. My pace for my 30 second intervals was nowhere near as speedy as two weeks ago. I pushed hard and ran all 6 intervals. Then it was time to cool down for between 10 - 15 minutes so I headed back on flat ground towards my office. I actually really enjoy these high intensity hills. You warm up, work your butt off for 20 min or so, then head back.
And well...I think going for 3 months without a race on the calendar was never going to happen. Today I got an e-mail from coach asking if I was still planning on running the Last Chance Half Marathon on November 9th. Truthfully, I never thought about it, but maybe it had come up during our initial consultation. Regardless, sure...I'll run a half marathon in two weeks! Why not? $50 gets you entry to the race, a tech shirt (I believe it is a tech shirt) and lunch afterwards.

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