Thursday, December 4, 2008

Let's Talk Uncomfortable

My thoughts feel so discombobulated that I'd love to do another bullet point post, but really...that's just copping out.
Yesterday's run called for a nice and easy 30 minute jaunt. It was -7°C (19°F). Why is it that your Garmin takes forever to catch satellites when it is cold out? I thought I dressed pretty warmly, but I was tummy off. It looks like all of my running tights are a bit big and even the drawstring doesn't help adjust enough to keep those babies from riding down while I'm running. And my long sleeve shirt was a bit on the short side so it came untucked. And it was windy. And my stomach was freezing. I was so happy to turn around and get that run done. 3.34 miles in 31:50 and I never really warmed up again that afternoon. Yes, I think we could say that was uncomfortable.
The traffic to get to Walmart after work was ridiculous! I was pretty shocked to see no line at all for Customer Service so that I could return my DVD. Somehow or other it still took the three people behind the counter several minutes to help me out. I was absolutely knackered last night so I wasn't even going to attempt to get up at 4:30 this morning to try to make it to swim class. I gave myself an extra half an hour and woke up well rested. I have a scheduled rest day tomorrow but if all goes well I might try to hit the pool instead. I will feel guilty if I don't swim at least once this week!
I wasn't going to miss my run today, that was for sure! I had a 50 minute VO2 max run scheduled. It contained 15 minutes of :30 fast and :30 easy in the middle. The description from my coach? "This should feel really uncomfortable Leana. Be prepared." As if the -10°C (14°F) temperature outside wasn't going to feel uncomfortable enough, this was going to throw it right over the edge! I tucked in a longer shirt today and threw a vest over my mid-weight top and this felt a lot better today. My warm up was nice and easy, and I have to say that I loved the VO2 max intervals. There's something about busting out those intervals that makes you know that you've worked really hard. And running fast made the temperature outside seem not too bad... Anyhow, that's about it for me. I've got strength, core and stretching tonight, then we'll see about the pool tomorrow. Have a good Thursday all!


TNTcoach Ken said...

Okay Superwoman, you win. The rest of us are wimps and should lie on the couch eating chips. I'm tired reading about what you're doing.

Marlene said...

4:30?! I don't know how you EVER get out of bed at that hour.

Awesome job on the runs... I find it so hard to get going in the cold, although I usually warm up quickly.

Have a great weekend!

Brooke said...

Oooh...I didn't realize the Disney Marathon was so close! Are you doing the Goofy Challenge this year, or just the marathon? Actually, I started reading your blog in January of this year because Lauren and I were registered for the Minnie Marathon, and when I googled it your blog popped up! So some of the first entries of your's that I read were about the Goofy Challenge!

Bob Almighty said...

Burrrr! I managed to do a 5 miler in 15F (-9C) weather a couple weeks ago in shorts...ok unfair because I'm the missing link between ape and man.
Still good job toughing it out. And I will say this those cycling wind breakers are awesome for running in.

I Run for Fun said...

Gosh, you are one tough woman!

Sonia said...

Running pants too big... now don't make me cry lol ;-)

This is awesome!! =) Except for the freezing part but I always got that red patch on my belly after a winter run. Never been able to not freeze there.. good luck figuring it out.

Congrats on the kick ass VO2 run. You are so quick!!!