Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Not So Hot Yoga and More Hills

Good morning everyone! I'm struggling with Windows Live Writer a bit. I love it for uploading pictures and videos, but the paragraph formatting seems to get messed up for me. What looks good when it posts in Firefox looks terrible in Internet Explorer. Has anyone else experienced the same thing?

Thanks for all of the notes of concern about my tweaky ankle. Knock on wood, but it is back to normal. No doubt it was due to running hill repeats in shoes that need retiring.

After the marathon spin session on Sunday I figured I would be best off if I took it reasonably easy and went to hot yoga on Monday. My choices were:
  • A 4:00 Moksha class (you run through the series of 40 postures)
  • A 5:30 intermediate class (probably more intense than what I wanted), or
  • A 6:00 foundation class (which is notoriously busy).
I opted to work from 6:30 to 3:30 that day and I high tailed it to the 4:00 Moksha class. Unfortunately they were working on the boiler so the room wasn't fully heated until over half way into the class, but it was just what my body needed. We did a lot of great poses that really helped to stretch out my legs and hip flexors.

Tuesday was a pretty busy day. The triathlon swim clinic at the Y started back up for the spring session. A bunch of new people in the pool and a few of my usual lanemates were gone. I swam with a couple of new guys who were a bit slower than me so it may be time to put on my big girl panties and jump in with some of the faster folks..?? I had a great swim though where I was feeling really smooth and efficient in the water, so good stuff!

I shifted my 30 minute easy run to Tuesday over lunch. I could tell that my legs were still really tired from Sunday. I took it easy on the pace, but apart from the tired legs things felt good. As the run went on my legs felt less tired and my pace sped up and I finished up with just over 3 miles.

In the evening it was back to spinning with Angie. I was mostly worried that my sit bones would be extraordinarily unhappy with me as soon as I got on the bike, but they felt really good! Angie is racing Oceanside this weekend so she didn't ride with us, but she certainly put us through the ringer! We warmed up, then ran through 5 x 10:00 hills. Each hill was different:
  • A gear pyramid through our last five hardest gears, with 2:00 at each gear (60 - 70 rpm)
  • A rolling hill with varying gears and cadence
  • Picking a gear and holding it throughout the 10 minutes, but changing cadence from 60 to 80 and back throughout
  • A gear pyramid through the last 6 hardest gears, 10 seconds in each gear, pedaling as fast as you can
  • And I can't remember the specifics on the other hill...
It was quite the workout and I was bagged when I got home! I had a quick snack and some chocolate milk and crawled into bed and was asleep early.

Have a great Wednesday all!


Missy said...

Suck it up and get in the faster line. You'll be glad you did and you'll have to work just that much harder to hang on. In that good kinda way - you can't get lost out there, just lapped:)

teacherwoman said...

Nice choice on the yoga. I need to get back to a yoga class or two...

now go get yourself some new kicks!

Marlene said...

I really need to get myself to a hot yoga class to try it out.

Awesome job on all workouts. You are rocking!

Lily on the Road said...

hahaha, Missy, I agree! Put those panties on and hit the faster lane!

Wes said...

Your workouts are making me tired just looking at them!! You are building something great here!!!

aron said...

awesome job on your workouts girl!!! whew that just makes me tired. i cant imagine having to mix it up between 3 things like you triathletes do!

lindsay said...

great workouts! way to get in to yoga and get stretched out. i'll never be eligible for the fast lane so you need to step it up and join 'em for me! :)

RunToFinish said...

i wish I could shift my day sometimes to get done at 3:30, that's very nice!

you are just really doing amazing with all the work girlie!

joyRuN said...

5 x 10:00 hills - OUCH!

I have the same issue - when I start a post in IE, my formatting is fugly. I rarely post anything unless I'm on FF & gotten a chance to make sure it looks good.

Judi said...

try for the faster lane girlie.

Sonia said...

I seriously don't know how you workout so much! Since I'Ve started working I'm just exausted all the time and reading your schedule makes me feel lazy! LOL

Very happy the ankle is feeling better =)