Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Seattle Tips?

For any of my Seattle, Washington friends/readers/lurkers…I need your help!  I’m planning a few things for my trip down for Lake Stevens in a few weeks.  Perhaps you guys can help me with a few things:

  • Can you recommend a great running store in the Seattle or Everett area?
  • Any suggestions for a fantastic sushi restaurant around Seattle?  Proximity to downtown would be great, but not necessary. 
  • I need a good massage therapist post race!  Anyone have any recommendations around either Everett or Seattle?

Please feel free to leave me a comment or shoot me an e-mail.  Just hit the “Contact Me” button near the top.  Thanks so much for your help!!


Rainmaker said...

I have lots of recommendations, but unfortunately none in the categories you have. There used to be a fantastic Sushi place downtown, but it's gone now. :(

The good news though is that great sushi is really everywhere in Seattle - it's not like other places where it's hit or miss. Bad sushi places don't last long here.

Mel-2nd Chances said...

It's getting close to your next half Iron! YAY!!

ShirleyPerly said...

There is a big Road Runner Sports store in Seattle. I forget the address but their website should have it listed there. I remember it being near a nice lake that is popular for runners. Sorry, no idea on the other two but a blogger friend of mine, http://runningseattle.blogspot.com/, lives in the Seattle area and might know.

Wes said...

I was gonna say... Sushi on the West Coast should be easy!

RoadBunner said...

Sorry, no Seattle tips, but I sure am jealous you're going!

lizzie lee said...
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lizzie lee said...

trying to post again...

Hi Leana. There are many good running stores in Seattle, but my favorite is Road Runners in Green Lake. Most (*) of the staff is really nice, knowledgeable and friendly... Also it will let you be in what I call the Paradise for runners which is the Green Lake area itself.

About the sushi, that I don't know as it is not in my list of favorite foods. However, I work with Japanese personnel, I will ask them for their opinion and let you know...

Massage therapist? Not a clue!!!
(*) I say most because once a guy there sold me shoes for overpronation, when I do not overpronate. It seems I do, but really I don't. But in the same store a year later a guy changed my "diagnostic" of overpronation fixing my feet FOREVER.

Good luck in your 70-mile race...Sounds TOO MUCH for me!!! I don't think I can even log that in a week.

lizzie lee said...

Seattle Part II

Sushi. I did not have a chance to talk with my Japanese co-workers but I did with a Sushi Lover. He mentioned that there is NO QUESTION about the best place in the area. It is called Izumi's. It is in Kirkland. He mentioned that Japanese pilots that arrive at Seatac go there to eat.


The second option is Maneki

I still will talk to my Japanese co-workers and let you know if their opinion is different.

Bon Appétit