Thursday, August 6, 2009

Sleep Deprivation

Wow….I am pushing the sleep deprivation this week!!  Caffeine is my friend!  After going to see Harry Potter I had to find out what happened on the So You Think You Can Dance finale.  I knew it was going to make a late night though…  After somewhere in the neighbourhood of 5 hours or so it was back up and off to the Y to swim.  Wow, it has been awhile since I’ve been to the pool..!!

I somehow or other trudged to the Y and started swimming.  It felt good to be back in the water.  My 2200m pacing workout went really well.  It was so quiet when I got there initially.  It was only myself and one other person swimming and more people didn’t dive in until I was finishing up my workout.  After I got out of the pool I was ready to crash though…except I had to go to work!  Thank goodness for caffeine this morning.  It was really rough.

The weather has not been terrific today, just grey, misting off and on…  I had hill repeats to ride on the bike and luckily by the afternoon the clouds were breaking.  I took off to Edworthy to ride up and down the hill a bunch of times.  I was supposed to go max effort on 6-7 hill repeats.  After riding up the hill once as a warm up I got going.  There were a few other cyclists out there doing the same thing and one lady kept yelling encouragement at me whenever we’d pass each other on the hill.  I was feeling pretty strong on the hills and my splits were all very close to each other.  I wound up getting 6 repeats (plus the warm up hill) done, then called it a night and took off for a 15 minute brick.

Now that I’ve found out who won So You Think You Can Dance I guess I can head to bed.  Pool tomorrow morning!


Missy said...

You and your neighbourhood and colours and metres;) You know what we call ourselves 'down here' - metards, hahahaha!

Get some sleep girlie! You know you can perform at your best without sleep. If you find, said sleep, let me know where he is hiding too!

lindsay said...

i hate that feeling - get some sleep! i have been struggling to put myself in bed early enough to get 7 hrs :-/

way to work those hills!

Marlene said...

Hope you can catch up on some sleep this weekend. Nice job keeping up with the workouts despite lack of zzzz's. (I had to stay up late to watch the SYTYCD finale last night too!)