Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Wonderful Pomegranate

A little while ago the wonderful folks at POM Wonderful sent me some coupons to try out their pomegranate juice.  This stuff is chock full of antioxidants…so it is really good for you.  Besides all the benefits though, this stuff tastes amazing!  More tart and more taste than cranberry juice.  I picked up a bottle of cherry pomegranate juice to sip on this evening while making dinner.  Yummy stuff.  If the juice is too strong for you to drink straight then I highly recommend mixing with sparkling water.

Now sure, you can buy this stuff to drink, but you can also cook with it.  I’ve turned juice into pomegranate molasses before and cooked up an amazing Iraqi Lamb and Eggplant StewDSCN1603CIMG5225 Tonight I whipped up some molasses to cook up turkey in a walnut and pomegranate sauce.  The original recipe calls for chicken, but given that Thanksgiving is right around the corner (Monday to be specific) I was in the mood for turkey.  Boneless skinless thighs but I’m sure turkey breast would work well too.  I doubled the amount of pomegranate molasses that the recipe called for, but otherwise followed it pretty well as written.  I served it with a brown and wild rice combo and some cauliflower on the side (that I also drizzled with pomegranate molasses).DSCN1605

While the dish might not be much to look at the flavour was amazing!  Using pomegranate juice in cooking tends to give everything a really interesting and complex flavour.  In case you are looking for a little inspiration in the kitchen with POM Wonderful, then check out all of their recipes.


NJ said...

If I lived closer to you, I'd invite myself over for dinner every night! :-P

lindsay said...

i would never have been this creative on my own, but it looks and sounds good to me!

ditto to nj. are any of your neighbors moving out? do you need a roommate? ;)

Rainmaker said...

Those look like great dishes...mmm....can you send some of them my way?

Judi said...

excellent! pom wonderful sent me a box of the juice, that's cool.

ShirleyPerly said...

What a creative use for POM juice! I love their juices so much, though, that they don't last very long to make it to the pot. Not that I really cook anyway, though ;-)

Happy Belated Thanksgiving!