Tuesday, January 26, 2010

What makes me happy?

Keith tagged me (sort of) to tell you ten things that make me happy.

  1. My amazing family who supports everything that I do, be it moving from Canada to Texas and back again or my crazy racing endeavours!
  2. My fantastic friends who encourage me.
  3. Hot chocolate with marshmallows after a hard workout.
  4. Snow on the trees that turn this city into a winter wonderland.
  5. Living in a city that experiences all four seasons (often times more than once a year).
  6. An insane bike workout that makes me want to barf.  Really.
  7. Seeing things on my bike that I never would have seen if I were in a car.
  8. Hearing my 2.5 year old niece scream “Auntie!!!!” whenever she sees me.
  9. Learning new things about myself as I push for new endurance goals.
  10. Realizing that every decision I have made in my life had its purpose and was ultimately the right one.  I would not trade any of my experiences over the years for anything no matter what.

Plus Badgergirl also tagged me and gave me the Beautiful Blogger award!  Thanks!!I’m supposed to tell you seven random facts about myself.  Boy…some of these I may have mentioned before so let’s see what I can come up with…

  1. I hated my name as a kid and honestly thought my parents had made it up until I discovered it in a baby name book when I was in fifth grade.  FI or the record, it is pronounced Leigh-Anna.
  2. I had my drivers license for over six months before I drove an automatic transmission vehicle.
  3. I participated in a Biggest Loser challenge at work over several months of the year last year.  The final weigh in was the week that I got back from my big vacation for Lake Stevens and Ironman Canada…and well…we all know how we eat on vacation.  I almost didn’t weigh in, but luckily I did…and my team wound up winning.
  4. I subscribe to 148 different blogs in Google Reader.  There are quite a few of them that haven’t posted in awhile though so it may be time to cut it down.  No wonder I always have so many unread posts!!
  5. If I could be on any reality show it would be the Amazing Race.  But sadly you have to have an American passport to qualify for the show so you won’t be seeing Runner Leana on there anytime soon.
  6. My puppy dog comes back home this weekend!!  My parents are kind enough to look after him when things at work are crazy busy in December.  I dropped him off in early October though and I miss the little guy!  Thank goodness for Skype!Video call snapshot 5


Badgergirl said...

Great lists! And yeah for Finlay coming home soon!

Keith said...

I got a big smile at #3, and read the rest in a sort of happy haze. Sorry, what were you saying?

lindsay said...

awwww finlay!! that is the cutest pic. he is soo adorable! i'm glad he will be home soon, but i love that he is like a retired old grandparent going south for the winter :)

i need to pare down my reader too. i have a hard time deleting feeds "just in case" they come back to life one day!

Alisa said...

Awww what a cute pups!

I hated my name as a kid too and sometime even now since no one ever prounouces it right...it's not alissa or alisha, it's ah-lease-ah hehe!

D said...

OH. MY. GOD! How is you pup not on your top 10 list? He's just adorable. I've got a special place in my heart for Westies these days :)