Sunday, June 6, 2010

Going Long

Thursday was my long run day – 2 hours!  My number one favourite thing to do for long runs is to run from my house into work.  It is about 12.5 miles in and it helps me to get that long run out of the way nice and early.  I dropped a bag of clothes and toiletries off at the office on Wednesday.  In the evening I prepped my nutrition.  I’ve tested out Infinit’s single serving Run formula before and it works pretty well.  I just drink that and don’t worry about hauling gels with me.  I fill up a Camelbak with the Infinit and left it in the fridge.

Thursday morning my alarm rang bright and early.  I hopped out of bed, checked the weather (11C – warm!) and put my run gear on.  My route from home to work is hilly.  244 feet of climbing, 536 feet of descending.  The majority of the climbing seems to happen in the first few miles of the run and it took a good 4 miles before my legs actually realized that we were supposed to be running.  They just weren’t getting into the groove and they were tired.  Then things were good until about 1.5 hours and then my legs were just ready for this run to be over.  The only way for the run to be over was to get to work though, and I wasn’t walking….so trudge, trudge, onwards to work.  Painfully slow.  But the run got done!  I made it into work, grabbed my bag of clothes and a guest pass to the gym in the basement of my office and that was it.  It felt good to have the run done.  Shortly after getting to the office it started to rain, so I was definitely happy that I missed the rain!

On Friday I took the day off of work to meet up with my IMC partners in crime, Tara and Kelly.  Tara was racing a sprint on Saturday and had instructions to ride 120K the day before.  Kelly and I both offered to take the day off of work to keep her company.  We decided to ride from Calgary out west and then south towards Bragg Creek, then on to Elbow Falls.  The route is mostly flat until after Bragg Creek with just the occasional hill.  Every single baby hill my legs were screaming at me.  I felt good on the flats but the hills were just draining.  And apparently my brain wasn’t capable of doing math either.  For some reason or other I kept thinking I was riding 62 miles (100K), but I really needed to go for 74 miles.  I was so wrong on where I thought our turnaround point ought to be. 

Part way through the ride I made a big decision….

I changed my Garmin Edge from miles into kilometres.  All my rides are given in distances and it is getting a little tiring converting back and forth.  So into kilometres we go!  Kelly welcomed me to Canada when I made that little change over. :)

We wanted to avoid the big climb to Elbow Falls so we turned around a bit early, making for a total ride distance of 110K.  We were all pretty knackered so no one had the desire to tack on those extra 10K.  We did trudge through a pretty painful brick run afterward though.

There we go, two more long workouts in the bank for IMC.  Thankfully there were some fun things in store for the weekend!


Keith said...

Nice to get a run in on the way to work. Especially with the habit Calgary has of raining in the afternoon. That's a nice ride out past Bragg Creek, though I haven't been that far this year.

Hi Kelly! When are you going to start your own blog?

Petraruns said...

I love the idea of running into work - what a good way of getting your run in and not letting it dominate your day.

As for kms to miles - living in the UK as a Dutch person I switched from kms to miles years ago, but can't get away from kgs to stones (?)... It gets confusing and once you're in a race the conversion is impossible - I remember running Amsterdam and someone telling me about his pace in kms per hour and I was trying to convert that to min/miles. IMpossible...

Great going on the bikeride as well - 110km is still a LONG way.

Julie said...

Riding long in company is awesome -- so good that you guys went together. :)

Getting that done on tired legs is money in the bank for sure! Great work!! :)

Wes said...

Wa? Canada is still using kilometers? Hmmmph... talk about the dark ages ;-)

Marlene said...

Great job pushing through the run to work followd by a long ride the next day!

J said...

Great job on the run to work! That is very impressive! I would love to run to work some morning!

Heidi said...

I have my Garmin in miles too (and am Canadian). Somehow my brain works better in Miles.

Alisa said...

Nice! I've run to work before but my run commute is much shorter 4 miles =).