Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Recovery? Ride

After the Chinook Olympic race on Saturday it was time to keep rolling on the road to Ironman.  That meant that a recovery ride was on the schedule!  How about a nice, easy 4 hour ride?  We rode out Highway 8 to Bragg Creek, then out towards Elbow Falls, aiming for a 100K ride.  My legs were feeling great!  Had I really raced the day before?  The last time I rode this route my legs were yelling at me on every uphill, this time I barely noticed those uphills.  Perhaps part of the reason for that was the great tail wind we had on the uphill out of town?

For this ride I carried my Infinit bike formula plus I also carried some sandwich wraps.  Kelly has turned me on to this concept – sandwich meat (turkey, ham), some cheddar cheese, all rolled in a corn tortilla.  We stopped in Bragg Creek an hour in and I had my sandwich.  We also ran into Angie out there so I was able to chat with her a bit about my race quickly.

The ride out to Elbow Falls was busy.  It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon so there were plenty of drivers on the road.  After we turned around the road got even busier with massive RVs as they vacated the campgrounds.  Some of them were so large and there were some crazy drafts off of them as they blew past us.

We also managed to see some great sights along the way – a deer and a group of wild horses including two foals!  Unfortunately I didn’t have my camera with me though.  At first I thought they were horses that had gotten loose and were crossing the highway, but the girls later confirmed that they were wild.

The head wind on the way back was wicked…  I was really tightening up between my shoulder blades.  I had to stop and stretch it out, but otherwise the ride went well.  Thanks to the wind our 100K ride was a bit short of the 4 hour goal, but we called it good for the day.

After the race I started noticing that I had some painful spots on my neck that were turning really red.  Check this one out:DSCN3890 Wetsuit bite from Saturday’s race?


Kate said...

I loved feeling that way after an Olympic distance when I was training for a half IM last year.

I used to have high necked training togs- I looked like a 14 year old slapper every day after squad!

innovatel said...

After an Olympic distance I relax myself with "short and easy" swimming and the next day with bike!

I have a similar problem with the wetsuit ... it's not good :(

good training :)

Beth said...

Wetsuit bite!! Mean wetsuit!! (I get that all the time no matter how much Body Glide I put on!!)

Gotta love that IM training - 4 hour ride the day after a race! ;) Great job!

Marlene said...

Wow, what a long ride the day after your race!

OUCH to the wetsuit bite. :/

Wes said...

Think body glide! :-)

TNTcoach Ken said...

Recovery ride, I'd say crazy biker!

Nicole said...

I love that route!!

Ouch, I had a similar "bite" from my wetsuit at Wasa. Hopefully Body Glide will prevent that next time.

Keith said...

Have I mentioned how impressed I am that you did an Oly, then the next day rode 4 hours. I wouldn't dream of doing such a thing. Good for you!

Badgergirl said...

Bad wetsuit. Bad. Hope the bite is feeling better!

Petraruns said...

Wow - I had no idea wetsuits did that. Nasty!

I can't believe you "recovered" with a 4 hour cycle. You are an iron nut.. And I am jealous!