Monday, July 26, 2010

Team Tri Life Ironman Canada Training Camp – Day 1

On Thursday afternoon I arrived in Penticton, ready and raring to go for a weekend of training for Ironman Canada.  We weren’t getting together until 5 pm, so this gave some time to check into the hotel and run to the grocery store for supplies.  Three hungry ladies training for Ironman sure know how to fill a shopping cart…DSCN4004
As we made our way to East Skaha Beach for our 5 pm meeting there were stories on the news about a fire out on McLean Creek Road.  Our plan was a quick shake down ride along the east side of Skaha Lake, up McLean Creek Road and back, but with the fire we weren’t sure how far we would get.  We set off in two groups along the east side of Skaha lake, taking it easy and enjoying the scenery.  Angie warned us that this was not a workout to hammer.  Sometimes people want to race, sometimes there are tears that inevitably seem to come when Ironman emotions take over.  We were just supposed to be out enjoying the scenery.  When we made it to the turn off for McLean Creek Road we ran into a police car diverting traffic and only allowing residents through.  We stood for a few moments, talking and watching the helicopters lower in to the lake to take on water to douse the fire.DSCN4009 DSCN4010
We turned back towards Skaha, pedalling nice and easily.  Once we all made it back we were supposed to go for a quick swim.  I don’t think that any of us really wanted to swim as it was cloudy and windy out, but there was no convincing Angie.  We had to get our wetsuits on!  We did a short swim in Skaha Lake, practicing sighting and running off the beach into the water.  Day 1 was over.  Time to grab some dinner, head back to the hotel and prep nutrition for a big day on Friday – a 180 km ride on the IMC bike course.

Day 1 Volume:
Bike – 17.8 km, 40 min
Swim – 17 min


Tracy said...

I am so envious! Check out that course and give me all the details....especially about the swim!!!

Marlene said...

Love that shopping cart full of food!Great job on Day 1!

J said...

Love the shopping cart! So much good food!

Badgergirl said...

Great pic of the shopping cart :)