Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Singing a different tune

Well, not a whole lot to report on the training front.  I still haven’t officially ran since Ironman or done any other type of workout other than a bunch of walking.  I’m not too stressed about it, nor am I feeling antsy.  The weather has been pretty miserable here in Calgary lately.  It seems like September 1st hit and cold wet weather arrived.  The weatherman is even throwing around the evil four letter “S” word for later this week.  Seriously, no kidding!  The poor weather isn’t making me itch to get out there, that is for sure.  I should probably try a run or two this week though seeing as how I have a “race” next weekend!  That’s right, the Melissa’s 10K in Banff is next Saturday!  I think I may leave the Garmin at home for the race and just concentrate on having fun out on the course.

I also haven’t put a lot of pressure on myself to make a decision about January.  Basically I’m debating whether I would like to train for the Goofy Challenge or whether I’d prefer to drop the half and focus on racing the marathon well.  I’m pretty sure I know what my heart is telling me to do though.  Hopefully I’ll be able to chat with Angie about it soon as we prepare to start in on formal training again come October 1st (which seems like will be here before I know it).

In non-training news I’ve decided to start a completely new and different blog.  When I started Runner Leana back in April 2007 I never imagined that I would enjoy writing so much, or that people would actually want to read what I have to say.  In some ways it feels like a pretty natural extension that I’d want to gab about things wedding related.  I’m planning to write about crafty little projects, my quest to eat as many cake samples as possible at bridal expos and other various shenanigans along the way to the nuptials next year.  I realize that blog is targeted at a completely different audience though so my mom might wind up being my only reader.  In any event, Runner Leana is most definitely sticking around, and sticking to things related to training and racing.


Wes said...

Totally agree with you. A short run to stretch the legs then go have fun at your 10K. That's a lot more than I did after my Ironman. I took an entire month off before starting P90X.

Marlene said...

I'm a bit of a wedding addict, so I'll be sure to stalk your new blog!

Enjoy the continued rest and recovery - you earned it!


Josh said...

Did you see yourself in the IMC video?


teacherwoman said...

I will be checking in on your wedding blog as well... I love that kind of stuff!

lindsay said...

Heck yes!! Already added Geek to my Reader :) I got a lot of ideas from weddingbee.com - various chicks in various stages of planning, lots of creativity, DIY... check it out if you want. I hope Finlay can be involved in the wedding party somehow :)