Monday, December 20, 2010

A Tag!

Meg is asking that I brush the dust off the blog and come out of hibernation to answer a tag.  Truth be told my training has been sporadic at best so there has been very little for me to actually talk about lately.  But…I am still going to Disney!  If you are going then let me know, maybe we can arrange to meet up.  You know, if there is anyone still reading this blog…

Anyhow, on to the tag!

What are you most proud of accomplishing in 2010?

Without a doubt it is training for and finishing Ironman Canada.  A few years ago I never could have contemplated such a challenge. There were so many highs and lows during the training, but race day was like one big party.  It is almost hard to believe the race is over and done with…60069-204-016f

What are your running goals for 2011?

Hmm…that’s a good question, I really don’t know right now!  At some point I’d really love to run a sub 2:00 half marathon but I’m not sure if that is a goal I want to set for next year or not.

What was your favourite race?

I don’t know if I can narrow it down.  I love the Great White North Half Iron in Stony Plain, AB.  The volunteers are amazing and the course is well laid out, making it easy to spot your friends racing.  Ironman Canada is also a pretty phenomenal race.  The spectators make you feel like a rock star out there and the marathon course is like a 26.2 mile catered party.  What more could you ask for?  For running races I definitely love the Walt Disney World marathon weekend.  You get to run through Disney parks…also amazing volunteers…super cool medals…  There is a reason why I’ve run so many races at Disney.

What is your favourite holiday guilty pleasure?

Without a doubt, eggnog and mincemeat tarts.  Love them!!

What is your most embarrassing running moment?

Oh boy…  This was something I never meant to share in detail on the blog.  I can recall a couple of run commutes into work this summer.  I would get going early…early enough that my digestive system hadn’t really gotten a move on before I got out the door.  About 20 minutes in the digestive system would sort itself out, right in front of a Husky gas station.

That would always be closed when I ran by.

So it would be a painful 10 minutes to the open Esso down the street.  Sometimes it would be an interesting hobble those last few minutes to the gas station.  Enough said.


Keith said...

Like it says, if you will update, I will read. I don't know about you, but finishing IMC pretty well is the top of my list for the 2000's. And that digestion thing, yeah, I hear you. I almost didn't make it home one day.

TNTcoach Ken said...

HA, another poop story as the embarrassing moment!

Marlene said...

Hope you have a fantasrtic time at Disney!

Ah yes, the hobble... been there too many times to count.

lilmeg said...

YAY! Can't wait to hear about Disney. Have a great holiday!

James said...

Hi Leana, long time reader but first time commenter. It’s good to see you back on the blog. I will be at Disney to take a stab at getting three medals over the race weekend. Actually, that is how I found you. I was searching for race reports and found yours. Oh and a late congrats on finishing Ironman Canada, that was awesome!

lindsay said...

LOL. Girl you know I have been in those shoes! That is seriously the worst feeling in the world.

Badgergirl said...

If you write it, I will read it.

Have a great time at Disney!

Rainmaker said...

Hope you had a great Christmas yesterday, and are enjoying Boxing Day today (I've been in Canada the last few days).

Good luck with the final push to Goofy!

gmontalvo13 said...

good luck in disney!