Friday, October 21, 2011

Time for new shoes!

My poor ol’ cycling shoes are a little worse for wear.  Way back in July 2010 I was at my Ironman Canada training camp on a ride from Penticton, up Richter Pass and Yellow Lake.  There was some construction happening on the highway we were riding on and we had to ride through a massive mud puddle.  I was covered in mud, there was mud on my helmet and my shoes were all dirtied up.DSCN6596DSCN6598DSCN6599

Most importantly I also came to the realization that my cycling shoes are also a size too small.  They fit fine initially but as my feet swell I can tell that they aren’t as roomy as I’d like.  It is time for some new cycling shoes!

I ordered the updated Shimano WT-52s from Superfly Cycles.  Luckily they arrived just in time for our first spin class at Bow Cycle this Tuesday!  Aren’t they pretty?DSCN6602AcFBrWCCQAAruWmThey felt great at spin class and on the bike last night.

Are you looking for some new cycling shoes?  Superfly Cycles has all of their 2011 styles on for 20% off right now.  And if you are in Canada the shipping is super easy and pretty inexpensive.

Happy Friday all!


J said...

Sweet new shoes! Love the colors!

Nicole @ "Haute Runner" said...

Fancy!! I love the shiny new ones! Nice socks too!

Wes said...

I'm sporting my first pair of tri shoes too. 2 Ironmans, countless halfs... still going strong... I need some new ones :-)

Alisa said...


I am loving spin class right now too. However, for the longest time I didn't take my cycling shoes to spin but now that I have it is worth carrying around yet another pair of shoes.

lilmeg said...

Pretty!! Love the purple!

Keith said...

New bike shoes; I had never thought of such a thing. One of the girls in spin class has sandals, with a flat sole, that fit into her cranks. Very cool.