Tuesday, April 24, 2007

My first blog entry!

OK, so I have to confess, I enjoy reading the blogs of other runner folks so I thought maybe I should put something out there too. That way I can keep friends and potential total strangers apprised of my running goals, triumphs and tribulations.

So here goes...on the personal side I'm 28, soon to turn 29, and I live in Calgary, Alberta. I just moved here last July so I'm still getting to know the city. On the running side I really hated running when I was growing up. My phys ed teachers used to give me a hard time for being slow when I had such long legs and they figured I should be faster. In 2000 I signed up to run my first 10K, the Vancouver Sun Run, even though I wasn't a runner because the company I was working for sponsored a team for the race. I didn't train for it, and I was dubious about my ability to run just over 6 miles. The Sun Run is a pretty huge race and I think I was bitten by the racing bug. I didn't do so terribly, so I entered a few more 5Ks and 10Ks in the year following that race. I wasn't ever really consistent with my running though. Fast forward to a year ago when I had the brilliant idea to train for a full marathon. I found a plan, stuck to it, and injured myself partway through, dashing my marathon hopes. This year I decided to try again, but take a slighly longer term viewpoint. I have a lot of goal races planned for this year - my first 15K, my first half marathon, but my ultimate final goal is the Goofy Race and a Half Challenge at Walt Disney World in January 2008. So join me on my quest to become an endurance runner!

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Brandstetter754@msn.com said...

Runner Gal Leana,

Maybe I'll be the first comment ever on your Blog. I'm newer at this "Blog" stuff than you are with your training! I followed this link from Runnergrrrl's Flying Pig Blog. Anyway, the Goofy Race and a Half Challenge Caught my eye. I've signed up, and hope to complete the same.

Hope to follow your training (BLOG)more in the future. Right now I've got to get going, otherwise there will be 16 young soccer players looking for a coach :-) 3 of which will run relay portions as I complete the "Whole Pig" on May 6.

Keep it up! Runners are the best kind of people!