Thursday, May 24, 2007

A Killer Birthday!

Well, it is official. Today I am 29. Time to update that profile on the right! I was actually born in Calgary, but this is my first birthday in the city since I turned 2. My mom likes to tell the story that it snowed in Calgary on the day I was born - a sort of reminder of how crazy the weather in this town can be if it can snow at the end of May. I find it ironic that I woke up this morning and I looked out my bedroom window to see the glorious blanket of snow coming down. Ironic I tell you..!!

Tonight I am off to see the Killers in concert - looking forward to that. I also need/want to find a way to fit in a 4 mile run sometime today too. It looks like I may get a chance to try out those warm winter running tights that I bought last weekend much sooner than I thought. The good news is the weather is supposed to warm up in time for the weekend and my 5.5K race on Sunday.

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Jon said...

Happy Birthday! I love the Killers as well. Nothing like going for a nice jog, downing a couple of beers and then heading out for a great night with friends. Good luck on the race this weekend.