Friday, May 25, 2007

My favourite new hair gizmo, a great show and a missed run

Have any of you ladies seen these yet?
The Goody Stayput hair elastics are absolutely amazing. I got a few freebie samples in my Minnie Marathon goody bag. My ponytail has not slipped all day. And I hear they make headbands too - definitely want to find some of those!

The Killers last night were great. A very good show, but a bit of an odd act for a stadium show though... The concert was pretty well sold out, but I thought they would be better in some neat, more intimate type of venue, like the Commodore Ballroom in Vancouver or La Zona Rosa in Austin (where I saw the Tragically Hip play a very good show a few years back).

And I still have to get that 4 mile run in. Hopefully tonight!

1 comment:

kara said...

Yeah - they really stay in place.
I only wear them for running as they do pull a bit of hair out when removing them. I give them 2 thumbs up!