Monday, May 28, 2007

Calgary Women's Run

The Calgary Women's Run yesterday was a great time. The run started off down a gravel road which was really uneven. I had been running out there last weekend so I knew the terrain a bit, but it wasn't ideal for a race start really. The course was an out and back so we got to do it twice! I kept playing leap frog with a power walker in front of me. I was averaging 10:18/mi or so, so I was super impressed with her pace! And a few seconds ahead of me was another power walker that I couldn't catch up to. There were some really neat people out on the course. A lady in a wheelchair was being pushed by her husband and they were a really friendly, nice couple. The major downfall was the turnaround for the 5.5K. It happened right at the first water stop, and the pathway was really narrow. You had people stopping for water, 10K runners trying to get through, and a poorly marked turnaround sign. I reached the turnaround way before I knew it though! I'm still waiting for the official results to post, but I think the clock read 32:02. I started my Garmin a few seconds late, but it read 3.1 mi in 31:58. This was supposed to be a 5.5K, but I suspect the course was really more on for a 5K since I wasn't too off on starting the Garmin.
Oh, and I did manage to get a run in on Friday. 3 miles. No running today, but a 4.5 mi run on tap for tomorrow.

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