Friday, May 18, 2007

A much better 4 miler and a new pair of tights

Thursday's 4 mile run was much better than Tuesday's. Whew! I dropped almost 2 min off my time and I felt much better while I was out there.

This afternoon I asked my mom if she wouldn't mind coming to cheer me on and snap the odd photo of me at my upcoming 5.5K race next weekend. She thought it over and decided she wanted to sign up walk the 5.5K. I guess the race bug has bitten her too! So my sister-in-law has volunteered to take on race photographer duty instead. We ran down to the Tech Shop to sign mom up before the registration fee goes up tomorrow. They were having some terrific deals on winter clothes so I even managed to pick up a pair of warm Sugoi tights which I'm sure I'll be needing in a few months. Wow...summer hasn't even arrived and I'm already mentally gearing up for winter!

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