Monday, May 21, 2007

A hail of a run

Sunday called for 6 miles, so I thought I would start out at Shouldice Park, the start of my 5.5K next weekend, just to check out what the pathway was like. The forecast was calling for rain, but it was still nice and sunny when I started out. I really liked the run - nice and flat, pretty scenery, and I ran it as an out and back. Everything was going smoothly, until I had 1.5 mi left and it started to rain. Since I was doing an out and back I had no choice but to keep going and it wasn't raining too heavily. What do you do when you still have a mile left between you and the car and it starts to hail though? Keep going I guess! The hail was pretty small in size so it wasn't too much of a bother. It sure made for some wicked split times! I finished in 1:09:18.

People were definitely friendly out on this pathway, particularly when the weather turned nasty! There was one fellow I chatted with briefly who was on a group run and they were finishing up an 11 mi run.

So I learned some important things about running this week:
1. Not every run will be a good run, as I saw on Tuesday. But that doesn't mean that your next run after a stonker won't be a great run.
2. The weather won't always be wonderful, but on a good run sometimes you won't even notice. Just get out the door and keep moving forward!
3. There sure are some friendly runners on the pathways in Calgary.

This week calls for 4 mi on Tuesday, 2 mi or XT on Wednesday, 4 mi on Thursday and then my 5K race on Sunday. I may do some juggling here during the week, but that is the plan for now.

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