Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Banff Citizen's Race - a final wrap up

Results were posted for the Banff Citizen's Race on Sunday. My official chip time was 1:00:05 with a 10:20/mi. That makes the official distance for the race 5.8 mi, and my projected finishing time 1:04:13. I measured 5.88 mi, but who is counting pennies anyways... This wouldn't have been a PR, but hey, that would have been over a minute faster than the week before! Not bad, eh?

141 people completed the 10K, 74 folks completed the they had about 60 or so no shows due to the weather.

**A side note: It would be helpful if I could remember what my PR actually is. I raced it years ago and the result was never recorded, but I seem to remember it being somewhere in the 1:02-03:xx range.

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