Friday, June 15, 2007

Banff Citizen's Race - my race packet

Last night I went out to Strides Running Store to pick up my race packet for Sunday's Banff Citizen's Race. Right now there are somewhere around 250 people registered for the event. I got my bib - number 26! That number is so low it makes me look like an elite racer...haha! The packet was really neat though - we got a little mini soap from the Rocky Mountain Soap Company, along with a coupon. We also got a pack of Sharkies and a gel pack that can be used either as a hot or cold compress, a magazine, and more coupons for other various things. Oh, and another pack of Goody Stayput elastics. I have gotten freebies of these from my last four races. Between those, and all the ones I bought I now have quite the collection. No race shirt as of yet, we get that at the information booth at the race.

Therefore....must remember - my shirt coupon (drive out to Banff, run my race, and not get a shirt...unthinkable) and money for my park entry into Banff. Need to be sure I make it into Banff!

The weather keeps flipping around for Sunday a bit, but one thing is constant - rain. Yesterday the forecast called for 46 deg with rain, heavy at times. Things have improved today though as the forecast is now 52 deg with light rain. There was a great quote in my e-mail from the Running Room today, in anticipation of the weather on Sunday:

“Conditions are never just right. People who delay action until all factors are favorable do nothing.” -William Feather


Luke Malone said...

Hi Leana! I can't believe I googled the banff race and found the gal I just had lunch with! so funny. Anyway, good running today and I guess now I'll be looking for you to make it to Disneyworld!

Anonymous said...

Enough °F references, YOU LIVE IN CANADA NOW, use °C! I can't understand this °F nonesense, I have to use my HP to convert to understandable terms :) Keep on runnin'! - DGB