Friday, June 8, 2007

A confidence booster

So I decided not to blog about my run on Tuesday. I did run...a little...but it was such a debacle. I blame the impending thunderstorms that were set to arrive that night as I could see how dark the clouds were while I was out. The bad part about that run was that it left me feeling a little worried about running my 10K this weekend (not to mention that I plan on tacking on 2 mi before I start the race in order to total my scheduled 8 mi). I was definitely needing a confidence booster last night for my planned 4.5 mi run. So I drove down to Shouldice to run the loop around the river - a loop that would be nice and flat. An hurrah, the run felt great. I am now ready for my Footstock 10K in Cochrane on Saturday. Tonight I hit the expo and pick up my race packet..!!

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Bill said...

Good luck in the 10K!