Tuesday, July 3, 2007

4 miles full of wildlife, and a skirt review

Yesterday was one busy day. We had the day off in lieu of Canada Day and I got in plenty of cross training thanks to my massive cleaning spree around the house. I wanted to move my Tuesday and Thursday runs to Monday and Wednesday this week, and I finally made it out for my 4 mile run in the evening. I decided to try a new pathway, so I headed out to Edgemont in the NW quadrant of the city to check out their pathways. The pathways follow the ravines in the area, so you are rewarded with rolling hills, and lots of green and nature. I spotted two deer out there last night, plus a ton of birds and ducks. Luckily neither of the deer decided I was a threat on the pathway and thought I should be taken out..!! It was a great route (loved the hilliness), and I'll definitely be adding this one in to my repertoire!
I also tried out my New Balance Bonita run skirt last night. I may have a stronger opinion of it after a longer run, but I did like it. I think the waistband may have a tendency to roll, but with my waist pack on that was minimized. The shorts did creep up (they didn't really feel like compression shorts to me), but I found them pretty comfortable and did not feel the need to keep tugging them down. I loved the shape of the skirt, but it would be nice to have a pocket somewhere. So yes, very comfortable, but I have to say I still think the Skirt Sports are my favorite though!


DGB said...

Okay, so R and I went on a run this evening and I got lost in Hawkwood, but I did manage to put in a pretty good distance (5.2 km's) and decent time despite the fact I had to stop so many times: Stop #1: I spotted the rabbit, Cali chased the rabbit, I cut her off. Stop #2: Rib Cramps. Stop #3: Rib Cramps. Stop #4: LOOOOOOOOOONG traffic light, Stop #5: I'm lost, stop and ask for directions (The couple I stopped lived in Hawkwood but had no clue where I was trying to go, so they pulled out their handy map, and I found my way.) Stop #6: Finally, close to home, time to cool down. R and Cali made it back about 15 mins earlier than me. But wait, I did run 0.2km's further.....

See you in the morn,

Runner Gal Leana said...

5.2K, that's great! Sorry to hear about the rib cramps though...hopefully those will improve. Is Hawkwood a good neighborhood to run in? I may have to check it out!