Friday, July 13, 2007

BBC #1

Last night was my first workout with the boot camp gals. We met at Crescent Heights, a great park with a nice view of downtown. We jogged to warm up, then got into some circuit training. There were 12 stations, and each one focused on either upper, lower or abs. We did some step ups on a Bosu ball, bicep curls and triceps with resistance tubing, squats, planks, sit ups, push ups, and more. We completed the circuit twice, then played a game of soccer for 5 minutes. That was one exhausting soccer game - no one was allowed to stop moving at any point in time. A few times the ball started rolling downhill and I chased after it - it felt so good to be moving again and running fast down the hill. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed my rest days and think they are really important for recovery, but the fact that I'm so excited to be up and moving about when months or years ago it used to be more fun to call it a day and hang out on the couch - that's a great feeling. We rounded out the session with burpees (whew those were tough), some ab work and a stretch.
After the session I had a chance to chat with the instructor, S, about my training plan. I think I mentioned before, S is a marathoner and trained a TNT group to go to the Nike Women's Marathon last year. She is currently training a non-TNT group for the same race (where I'll be running my next half), plus in September she starts training another TNT group for the Disney and Rock 'n' Roll Marathon in Phoenix in January. I was going to start at week one with my full training, but, well, that seems silly. I was getting in just shy of 20 miles a week for the last month, why should I drop down to a 9 mile week? At least that is what S asked me. She told me to keep my mileage up, then when I hit that mileage point in the training plan I can keep moving up from there. So back to tweaking the training plan...!


lisa Sabin said...

I would like to do that Nike Women's half marathon sometime. It sounds like a cool event. I heard they were handing out necklaces from Tiffany's for people who completed the marathon. Any truth to that rumor?

I love the bosu. I use it with my clients regularly. Those burpees look tough!

Ken Schulz said...

Keep up the training! You are gonna do great!

Leah said...

I want to try a bosu workout so bad!

(And the my dog is feeling better :) )