Thursday, July 12, 2007

Standing on my head

I've been taking it easy with the workouts this week since my half on Sunday. I went for another yoga class last night, and before the end we were trying supported head stands. Did I mention that this was only my third class? The inverted poses actually feel really good. I can tell that I have some tight hamstrings from some of these various yoga poses, so hopefully this will help to loosen them up a bit. Tonight is my first BBC workout session and I have been forewarned that I should be prepared to work hard and sweat a lot. My first run will be on Monday - the official start to my Goofy Race and a Half Challenge training. I keep tweaking my training schedule, but I think I have it sorted out now. Come September I'll start doing back to back LRs, so for example I'll do a 5 miler on Saturday, then a 10 miler on Sunday. I've worked it so I'm only increasing mileage by 10% and my maximum long run will be a 10/20 mile combo.
Stampede keeps rolling along here, and the breakfasts keep coming. Yesterday I learned a valuable lesson - do not try to double book breakfasts. Two rounds of pancakes and sausages, well....that just can't be good for anyone. Today's breakfast was fabulous...they had the best orange juice, great pancakes, sausages, ham that was fried up with hot sauce (oh that was good), fried eggs, hash I have to admit that if I don't see another pancake for a good six months or so, I'll probably be OK with that.

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