Sunday, July 29, 2007

BBC #6

Friday night I had my make up BBC session since I missed class to go to the Nickelback concert (a worthy sacrifice). Instructor S was also my make up session instructor and we met out at the Memorial Stairs again. Folk Fest was on this weekend, and plays close to the stairs, so we were able to hear strains of the concert while we were working out. It was a hot one - and we were cautioned to take it easy and listen to our bodies while we were working out. We started on the stairs - first climbing up the stairs, then climbing up taking the stairs two at a time, then climbing up facing towards the railing to work our inner and outer thighs. After that we did pyramids on the hill that I like to train on. Those were great - I need to incorporate those into my routine. We ran hard up the hill for 30 sec, then ran back down in 30 sec, rested for 15 sec. We did them in intervals - 30 sec, 45 sec, 1 min, then back down. Instructor S advised me that if I do them on my own - work up to 2 min. After that we found a shady spot in a park nearby and did some upper arm exercises with resistance tubing, followed by abs and a stretch.

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