Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Fending off boredom

Boredom in running is the root of all evil. Well....maybe not....but it sure makes it difficult to get out the door. I have really only been hitting a few different pathways, especially during the week, and I really need to branch out and try new routes out. If I don't, I'm sure boredom will soon ensue. This weekend when I was in my local Co-Op grocery store getting my July transit pass I decided to purchase the official Calgary pathways and bikeways map. With 635 km of pathways in this town, why am I limiting myself to seeing just a few kilometers? (That's 394 miles by the way!) And didn't I say that I wanted to explore Calgary by heading out for a run? So my quest begins...

Monday night I ran through Edgemont and was rewarded with some good hills, a couple of deer sightings, birds and ducks, and some great views. Tonight I went out to Confederation Park for my 2 mile run. This route also had some good hilly parts to it, was fairly quiet for traffic and had a nice wide pathway. I ran alongside the golf course there for the most part, but if I would have continued onwards it would have led me right into the park with lots of opportunities for loops and branching off. I definitely want to head back out there to explore it more. For now though - rest until Sunday!

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Leah said...

Hooray for new routes! Enjoy your weekend of resting.

My big complaint about the New Balance skirt was also the lack of pocket. I will definitely check out one from Skirt Sports next!