Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Heat Wave

Wow, it is toasty here, and the heat wave hasn't even rolled into town yet (that arrives tomorrow). I'm waiting till later this evening to get my final run in before Sunday's half - a 2 miler for tonight. Tomorrow I am cross training by playing in the annual Society of Petroleum Engineers' golf tournament. Considering a high of 31C (88F) is projected for tomorrow, I think that really qualifies as cross training.

(I'm sure all my buddies and readers in Texas and the like are rolling their eyes at what I think now qualifies for a heat wave after surviving 40C/100F summers for years on end.)

The best news about the weather is for Sunday....a low of 13C (55F), a high of 23C (73F), but mainly cloudy.


Angry Runner said...

Golf is the ultimate corporate sanctioned cross training. It's a necessity in my line of business...although driving like a maniac in the cart doesn't do much for aerobic capacity...

Ken said...

Golf, heat and beer! That's like a tri.

TNT Coach Ken